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Want to elevate your physique and/or performance to the next level? Looking to learn handstands, the splits, or build an aerial act? Let's talk!  I have a unique combination of skills, experience, and qualifications to help you get on track, in shape, and inspired.

  • Strength, flexibility, gymnastics and aerial specialist

  • Gymnastics coach since year 2000

  • B.A. Exercise Science, Smith College

  • Performed nationally and internationally with Cirque du Soleil, Dragone, cruise lines, and others since 2007

  • Learned aerial straps under the masterful tutelage of Yury Bozyan, former instructor at Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal, Quebec. 

  • Competed in fitness/bodybuilding competition under the coaching of Francine Savard in Montreal, Quebec (2012)

My goal as a coach, and where I focus for my own performance, is to achieve and maintain high levels of strength and flexibility, while optimizing health, preventing injury, and creating an aesthetic physical form. Movement quality, artistic expression, and mindfulness are also incorporated, even at the most basic levels.  If you would like a personalized assessment and/or to book private lessons, workshops, assistance with act creation, or online training, please contact me. My current rates are listed below. For services besides those listed, please contact me directly.

Private Lessons: 
Personal Training: $75/hour

Discounts given for purchasing a package of 5+ lessons at a time or a monthly arrangement.  For this and other services, such as act creation and development, please contact me. Thank you! 

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