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"Find what you love and let it kill you." ~ Charles Bukowski


This project stems from a deeply personal place. It is the culmination of what I feel is a lifetime of training, triumphs, struggles, and heartaches, my journey as both a soul and an artist. I can finally share the incarnation of my passion. Life as a performing artist is not as glamorous as people might believe; we sacrifice a lot, risk everything, even our lives, just for a chance to do what makes us feel most alive. It is commitment. It is obsession. It is true love. My goal as an artist is not that people like my tricks or creations. I simply want to share an authentic piece of myself with the world --a world obsessed with numbing emotions. I just want them to feel something and know that it's okay. 

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Each one of us wears a shroud. Strategically placed behind this shroud of emotions lies the mysteries of our souls: The burdens we bear; the aching reminder of people we hate to love; the void of something intangible we can’t quite identify; the desire to love and be loved to an infinite capacity. And if anyone should tell you that he is without a shroud, he wears the biggest shroud of them all. If we have anything in common, it is that the soul is deeper than most people are willing to dive. Diving into the depths of one’s soul requires navigating through darkness, searching for our shadows. When we encounter shadows, we know there is a light shining somewhere; we regain hope; we find the light; we see with clarity. And from this journey through the depths are born tremendous creative powers, indomitable courage, and our greatest capacity to love. When we open ourselves to our greatest capacity to love, we are able to find what we love. When we recognize that every moment we are living is a moment we are dying, and we strive to live our most meaningful life, we realize that by choosing how we live is also choosing how we die. Find what you love, live it, let it be the death of you.

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